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Jesus: Perfect Man of Faith

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us,

And we beheld His glory,

The glory of the only begotten of the Father,

Full of grace and truth. JOHN 1:14

The Word became flesh! How could it be?

From Creator to creature... It's too much for me.

Can High become low? Can day be night?

My mind finds no answer, my reason takes flight.

Then, "Yes, my son, He says to me,

The answer's so simple, even you must see;

Though once you opposed me, opposites we're not.

Unless you cease to be a man, 'in my image' you are caught.

But you, being less and lower, to most and highest never can.

By leaving off and stepping down, though, I became a man."

Lord, what you did is clearer now, but I'll never know just why

You left your throne and all that means to work, sweat, hunger, thirst, and die.

Why would you join our race of tears?

We're either too distraught to rise, or gorged with pride and selfish cares,

Lust of flesh and eyes.

"The answer again is a simple one, tho' not perhaps to your mind,

For love is the reason I took on flesh and left my throne behind.

In your midst I dwelt, because I chose to care -

Behold the Father's glory, and in that glory share!

For not only then but now, it continues to be true,

When you before your Savior bow, the Word becomes flesh in you!"

Soapy Dollar, Christmas, 1982

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