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WEEK 3 BIBLE LIVE QUIZ Ps. 11—15 and Gen. 36:20—50:26, Exodus 1:1—6:13

Ps. 11—15

1. According to Ps. 11:5, who does God hate? Everyone who loves violence

2. In Ps. 12, what terrible sin victimizes the helpless, the poor, and the oppressed? V. 2, 4, 7—Lies, deceit, flattery

3. According to Ps. 12:6, what is as pure as silver, silver that has been purified seven times over? God’s promises

4. David begins Ps. 13 in anguish and sorrow, asking God the same question four times in the first two verses. What was his question? How long, O Lord?

5. In the last two verses of Ps. 13, what three things does David say he will do? I trust…, I will rejoice..., I will sing…

6. In Ps. 13, what did David do that helped him move from despair to victory? He prayed!

7. If I decide to believe a certain thing about God, the Bible says I am both foolish and wicked. What is that belief? Ps. 14:1, There is no God (atheism) - you might mention that although some may “say” they believe in God, they live as if He does not exist, so they are “practical atheists”

8. In Ps. 15, David offers a list of 10 standards for people to do what? 15:1, worship the Lord and enjoy His presence

Genesis 36:20—50:26

1. What gift did Jacob give Joseph that indicated that he favored Joseph over his other sons? 37:3, coat or robe of many colors

2. What two dreams did Joseph have which indicated that he would one day rise above his father and brothers? 37:5-9, their bundles of grain bowed to his, and the sun, moon, and eleven stars bowed to him

3. As the oldest son, I talked my brothers into putting Joseph into a deep pit instead of killing him. Who am I? 37:22, Reuben

4. It was my idea to sell Joseph as a slave to a caravan of Ishmaelite traders. Who am I? 37:26, Judah

5. How much money did the brothers get from selling Joseph into slavery? 37:28, twenty pieces of silver (or “shekels”)

6. How did the brothers deceive Jacob into thinking that Joseph had been killed by a wild animal? 37:31, dipped coat into goat’s blood and said they had found it

7. I was captain of the palace guard in Egypt, and I bought a 17-year-old Hebrew boy named Joseph. Who am I? 37:36, Potiphar

8. I deceived Judah to preserve my husband’s place in the family line, and am one of four women mentioned in the Messiah’s family tree. Who am I? 38:14, Tamar, mother of twins, Perez and Zerah. Perez is in Jesus’ family lineage, see Mt. 1:3. (The other three were Rahab the harlot from Jericho, Ruth the Moabitess, and Bathsheba the adultress and wife of David)

9. Why did Potiphar throw Joseph into prison? 39:7-20, because his wife claimed that he’d tried to seduce her

10. We are two of Pharaoh’s trusted servants thrown into prison with Joseph. Who are we? 40:1-3, cup bearer and chief baker

11. What did Joseph use to prophecy the fate of both of Pharaoh’s servants that were in prison with him? 40:5, their dreams

12. Both times that Joseph interpreted dreams, he gave credit to me. Who am I? 40:8 and 41:16, God

13. What two dreams did Pharaoh have that bothered him and caused him to seek a meaning? 41:1-7, seven fat, healthy cows eaten by seven gaunt, sickly cows, then seven plump heads of grain swallowed up by seven shriveled heads of grain

14. What was the interpretation of Pharaoh’s dream? 41:25-32, seven years of plenty to be followed by seven years of famine

15. What wise advice did Joseph give the Pharaoh in light of the dreams and their meaning? 41:33, store grain during the years of plenty so there would be food during the years of famine

16. What reward did Pharaoh give to Joseph for interpreting his dreams? 41:40, made him second in command of all Egypt

17. In Gen. 42, when the famine hit Canaan and threatened his family, what instructions did Jacob give? 42:1-5, sent ten of his sons (all but Benjamin, his youngest) to Egypt to purchase grain

18. When Joseph saw the ten brothers, they did not recognize him. What did he demand of them in order to prove that they were not spies? 42:14-20, leave one of their company with him, return to their land and bring back to him the youngest brother (of course, this was his younger brother Benjamin)

19. I was chosen to stay in Egypt while my brothers traveled back to Canaan to get Benjamin? Who am I? 42:24, Simeon

20. The first time Jacob sent my brothers to Egypt to buy grain for food, I didn’t go, but when the famine forced them to make a second trip, I was told that the second in command of all Egypt demanded to see me. Who am I? 43:3-5, Benjamin

21. It was really tough to do, but before my father Jacob and later before a great ruler of Egypt, I stepped forward and took responsibility for my little brother’s care. Who am I? Judah, 43:8 before Jacob, and 44:18 before Joseph (you might mention that it was Judah also that admitted his mistake and accepted responsibility for Tamar’s twin sons)

22. Joseph saw God’s hand at work in spite of his brothers’ sin against him. As Joseph explained it, why did God allow his 13 years of suffering and his rise to second in command of Egypt? 45:5-7, save their lives so they could grow into a great nation (Joseph saw his life as it related to God’s expressed purpose—to make Israel a great nation that would bless the world)

23. We were heads of two of the twelve tribes of Israel, the only two not born in Canaan. Who are we? 46:20, Manasseh and Ephraim, sons of Joseph born in Egypt (see 41:45-52, Manasseh sounds like Hebrew “cause to forget” and Ephraim sounds like Hebrew word for “fruitful”)

24. I am the daughter of an Egyptian priest who married one of Jacob’s sons. Who am I? 46:20, Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, priest of Heliopolis (Joseph’s wife)

25. Once Jacob arrived in Egypt, how many members of his family were with him? 46:26-27, Seventy direct descendants (not counting his sons’ wives)

26. What was the name of the land in Egypt that the Pharaoh gave to Jacob and his family? 47:5-6, the land of Goshen (also called the land of Rameses in 47:11)

27. Before Jacob died at 147 years of age, what request did he make of Joseph? 47:29-30, to be buried in Canaan with ancestors

28. My grandfather Jacob adopted me and, just like him, I was a second-born son who received the family blessing. Who am I? 48:20, Ephraim, to whom Jacob gave the greater blessing over his elder brother Manasseh

29. What did Jacob’s oldest son Reuben do that caused him to lose the birthright and family blessing? 49:4, slept with one of Jacob’s concubines (see 35:22, Rachel’s handmaid Bilhah, after Rachel’s death and burial. Mentioned only briefly, then not mentioned again until Jacob tells Reuben he will not receive the birthright and blessing.)

30. Before he died in Egypt, Joseph asked his brothers to give a solemn vow that they would do what? 50:25, when God takes them back to the Promised Land in Canaan, take his body with them. (see Exodus 13:19 for fulfillment of vow)

Exodus 1:1—6:13

1. How did the Israelites become slaves instead of honored guests in Egypt? 1:8-14, multiplied and seen as threat to new king

2. We were ordered by Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, to kill all male Hebrew babies, but because we feared God, we refused. Who are we? Ex. 1:15, Hebrew midwives Shiphrah and Puah

3. I found a baby boy in a reed basket, floating in the Nile river. I adopted the boy and named him Moses (which sounds like the Hebrew term which means “to draw out”). Who am I? 2:5-10, one of Pharaoh’s daughters

4. Moses’ Hebrew parents were from which tribe of Israel? 2:1, Levi

5. When Moses was about 40 years old, the Pharaoh called for his arrest and execution. What did Moses do that caused him to have to flee for his life out across the desert? 2:11-12, killed and buried an Egyptian who was beating a Hebrew slave

6. As the priest of Midian, I became Moses’ father-in-law. I went by two names. Can you tell me one of them? 2:21, Reuel and 3:1, Jethro

7. I am known by two names, Horeb and Sinai. What am I? 3:1, a mountain, often called the “mountain of God”

8. What was it about the burning bush that first caught Moses’ attention? 3:2-3, it burned but was not burned up. (Two lessons from the bush: First, there was not anything special about the bush itself—any one of the millions would have worked—but God’s presence made it special. Also, like a Christian who lives in the power of the Holy Spirit, we burn brightly but are not consumed.

9. In Ex. 3:6, God said to Moses, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.” Many centuries later, how did Jesus use this statement to demonstrate to the Saducees that there is resurrection and life after death? Mt. 22:32, Jesus noted that God spoke in present tense, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, and since they had died long before, then they must be alive again, since God is the God of the living, not the dead.

10. When Moses spoke to the people of Israel and to the Pharaoh, what name was he supposed to use for the God who sent him? Ex. 3:14, “I AM” (the eternal, self-existent God)

11. To his amazement, God told Moses that He would not only deliver Israel out of Egypt, but that they would leave with much of Egypt’s wealth! How would they get these riches from the Egyptians? 3:21-22, they would simply ask for and be given things as gifts. Thus, they would “plunder” Egypt. (Try to “hear” this from Moses perspective, knowing what he knew of both the power of Egypt and the helplessness of the Hebrews situation.)

12. I am the common wooden tool of a shepherd, but I became a snake to encourage Moses and demonstrate that he spoke on God’s behalf. What am I? 4:2-4, Moses’ staff

13. At first, Moses refused God’s call, insisting that someone else would have to deliver Israel. Why? Ex. 4:10, because he was not a good speaker!

14. While God spoke to my brother in the desert, He also spoke to me in Egypt and sent me to help him. Who am I? 5:27, Aaron

15. When Moses first told the Pharaoh to let the Israelites go, it only made matters worse. How? 5:6, Pharaoh increased their workload (had to gather the straw instead of being supplied with it, to meet the same “quota” for finished bricks)

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