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WEEK 23: Bible Live Quiz Questions Ps. 67, Prov. 10—11, John 10:1—21:25, and 1 Kings 1:1—3:15

Ps. 67

1. Ps. 67 is like the Great Commission in the New Testament, because it calls for the salvation of what? All the nations

Prov. 10—11

1. Prov. 10:24 talks about the fears of the wicked and the hopes of the godly. What is going to happen to both? All come true

2. In Prov. 11:19, godly people find life while evil people find what? Death

3. In Prov. 11:22, a foolish woman with beauty is like what animal with a gold ring in its nose? Pig

John 10:1—21:25

1. When a wolf attacks the sheep, what is the difference between the hired hand and the Good Shepherd? 10:12, hired hand runs away while the Good Shepherd gives his life for the sheep

2. We are two sisters. Jesus raised our brother Lazarus from the dead. Who are we? 11:1, Mary and Martha

3. What is the shortest verse in the Bible (reference and text)? Jn. 11:35, Jesus wept

4. How long had Lazarus been dead when Jesus resurrected him? 11:17, four days

5. Why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead? 11:15, so his disciples and others would believe in Him

6. Which of Jesus’ disciples served as the treasurer? 12:6, Judas Iscariot

7. When Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, which disciple objected at first, then later asked for a bath? 13:8, Peter

8. Peter said he would die for Jesus, but he denied even knowing Jesus how many times? 13:38, three times

9. Which of the disciples asked Jesus to show them the Father? 14:5, Thomas

10. In John 14, Jesus promised to send his disciples and all his followers a Helper (Comforter, Counselor) just like Himself, Who would be with them and in them, and never leave them. Who is this Helper? 15:17, the Holy Spirit

11. In Jn. 15, Jesus disciples glorify the Father by bearing fruit. Name two kinds of fruit we can bear. Life and Witness

12. The Greek word “paraclete” is used to describe the Helper Jesus promised to all his followers. What does it mean? one called alongside (the Comforter, our escort to glory)

13. The Holy Spirit ministers to believers in many ways, but also influences non-believers by convincing them of what three things? 16:8, a) sin, b) righteousness, and c) judgement

14. In Jn. 17, Jesus prays not only for the disciples with Him but also for what other disciples? 17:20, Those who believe by their witness (us)

15. In Gethsemane, who drew a sword and cut off the ear of the High Priest’s servant? 18:10, Peter

16. According to Jewish law, there was to be only one High Priest at a time, an office held for life. Who were the two High Priests that oversaw Jesus trial, and why were there two? 18:12-13, Annas (6-15 AD) and Caiaphas (18-36/7 AD), Rome imposed

17. Who was the Roman governor that found no fault or guilt in Jesus, but still ordered him executed? 19:16, Pilate

18. As was customary at Passover, the Roman governor offered to release a Jewish prisoner. Instead of Jesus, the crowd insisted and got the release of what criminal? 18:40, Barabbas

19. What was the name of the place where Jesus was crucified? 19:17, Golgatha, Skull Hill (Hebrew Gulgoleth, Greek Kranion, Latin Calvaria only in Lk. 23:33, nowhere actually called a hill though if named for shape, may have been hillock, public thoroughfare

20. The sign on Jesus cross was written in Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. What did it say? 19:19, Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews

21. Ps. 22:18 predicted that people would cast lots for Messiah’s clothing. How was this fulfilled in Jesus? 19:23-24, soldiers

22. While on the cross, Jesus ask someone to take care of Mary, his mother. Who? 19:26-27, John (the apostle He loved)

23. Jesus said, “It is finished”, on the cross (19:30). The word finished is a legal or accounting term meaning what? Paid in full

24. Who was the disciple, nicknamed the Twin, who would not believe Jesus rose from the dead until he saw and felt Jesus wounds? 20:24, Thomas

25. Why did John’s write his account of Jesus’ life and ministry? 20:31, so readers would believe in Jesus

26. Jesus asked Peter if he loved him the same number of times Peter had denied knowing Jesus. How many times? 21:15, three

27. Jesus claimed to be God. It was either true or false. If it was true, Jesus was and is Lord. Assuming it was false, Jesus either knew it was false or He did not know. If it was false and Jesus knew it was false, what does this make Jesus? Liar If it was false and He did not know it was false, what does this make Jesus? Lunatic (no patronizing nonsense about his being a good person, a prophet, or a great teacher. He hasn’t left us that option. He didn’t intend to)

1 Kings 1:1—3:15

1. After Absolom’s death, David never disciplined his oldest son and took no interest in his activities. This son, too, rebelled and tried to take his throne by force. What was his name? 1:6, Adonijah

2. After Solomon was crowned King of Israel, he sent Adonijah home. Adonijah made a request later that caused Solomon to have him killed. What was the request? 2:17, Abishag, the Shunemite girl who had cared for David, to be his wife (amounted to an attempt on the throne)

3. Where did Joab flee for protection when he knew his execution was drawing near? 2:28, Tabernacle, horns of the altar

4. Solomon deposed Abiathar from being High Priest. Abiathar was sole survivor of Saul’s slaughter of the priests and was a descendant of what former High Priest under Saul and Samuel? 2:27, Eli

5. God told Solomon to ask for anything he desired and it would be granted. What did Solomon request? 3:9, wisdom and understanding to rule

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