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Bible Live Quiz Show, Sundays 9-10:30 pm

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WEEK 30: Bible Live Quiz Questions 1 Chronicles 25:1—2 Chron. 18:34 and Ps. 81—85

Ps. 81—85

1. Ps. 81 celebrates what event in Israel’s history? 81:5, 10, the Exodus (Psalm used at Feast of Shelters)

2. Ps. 81 is a “holiday hymn”, written to celebrate the time when God delivered Israel from what nation? 81:5, Egypt

3. At what place did God test Israel’s faith in supplying them with water they could drink? 81:7, Meribah (means “the place of arguing” - the people argued with God—Moses struck the rock)

4. According to Ps. 82, what group of people will definitely be judged by God? 82:1, unfair judges

5. As temple choir leaders, I and my descendants collected Psalms 73-83. Who am I? Asaph

6. In Ps. 83, the psalmist asks God to “blow them away”, “chase them with fierce storms”, “terrify them”, “utterly disgrace them”, and “make them failures in everything they do”. Who is “they”? 83:2, enemies

7. In Ps. 84, name a bird that enjoys the presence of God in His temple? 84:3, sparrow and swallow

8. In Ps. 84, the “Valley of Weeping” is mentioned as a place one passes on the way to worship and grow stronger in the Lord, but no such valley has ever been identified. What could the Valley of Weeping symbolize in our lives? Times of struggle and tears, barren places in our lives

9. The world says, “No good deed goes unpunished,” but Ps. 84 assures us that “No good thing will the Lord withhold from those who do what.” 84:11, what is right

10. Ps. 85 is a plea for spiritual revival. What is the herald that goes before God, preparing the way for His coming? 85:13, righteousness

1 Chron. 25:1—2 Chron. 18:34

1. In 1 Chron. 25, what other group (besides the priests) was divided into 24 rotation shifts? Musicians

2. I Chron. 26:5 says God richly blessed the family of Obed-edom. Do you remember why? 2 Sam. 6:12, he housed the Ark of the Covenant after David’s failed attempt to move it to Jerusalem

3. Obed-edom had how many sons and grandsons? 26:8, sixty-two

4. Who was the commander of Israel’s army under King David? 27:34, Joab

5. David received something directly from God and passed it on to Solomon. What was it? 28:19, plans for the temple

6. What did David do that caused the other leaders of Israel to give generously to help build the temple? 29:2-5, he set a great example of generosity

7. What did David do to encourage the people of Israel to praise and worship God with fervency? 29:10-20, he set an example of extravagant praise to God

8. In the years just before the temple was built, where was the Ark of the Covenant kept? 1:4, in a special tent David had prepared for it in Jerusalem

9. God offered me anything I requested, so I ask for wisdom to rule properly over my people. Who am I? 2 Chron. 1:8-10, Solomon

10. I was the King of Tyre when Solomon requested cedar from our country to build the temple. Who am I? 2:3, Hiram

11. How was the timber from Lebanon transported the 100 miles from Tyre to Jerusalem? 2:16, floated 80 miles south in the Mediterranean, then transported 20 miles inland

12. Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem on the mountain where Abraham had almost sacrificed his son Isaac many centuries before. What was the name of the mountain? 3:1, Moriah

13. David had purchased property from Araunah the Jebusite. What was the property used for before the temple was built over it? 3:1, a threshing floor (explain winnowing process)

14. A tank holding over 16,000 gallons of water was built for the priests to wash themselves. What was the popular name for this huge receptacle? 4:2, the Sea

15. What is the one occasion recorded in scripture when priests other than the High Priest entered the Most Holy Place? 5:7, the priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant on Temple’s dedication day

16. What was inside the Ark of the Covenant? 5:10, stones with the 10 commandments (rule of law), Aaron’s rod/staff that blossomed, and manna

17. When King Solomon prayed before all the people at the Temple dedication, what was the position of his body? 6:13, kneeling

18. God told Solomon that if God’s people sinned and fell under His judgment, there are four things they could do that would bring God’s forgiveness and healing. What were those four requirements? 7:14, a) humble themselves, b) pray, c) seek my face, and d) turn from their wicked ways

19. What queen visited Solomon and enquired about His people and His God? 9:1, Queen of Sheba

20. After Solomon’s death, his son Rehoboam ascended to the throne. Tribal representatives came to request what of him? 10:4, lighten the labor and tax laws (his building projects)

21. When Rehoboam denied the request of the people, who led the ten tribes of northern Israel in rebellion? 10:12-15 Jeroboam

22. When the nation split, what did the Levites in the northern tribes do, and why? 11:13-17, moved to Judah because anyone who paid the fee could be made a priest in northern Israel.

23. After three years, Rehoboam stopped obeying God’s laws. What king did God use to judge Judah, and what did this king take away? 12:9, Shishak of Egypt, Temple treasures and Solomon’s gold shields

24. When Rehoboam died, his son was crowned King of Judah and trusted God to successfully fought off an attack by Jeroboam of Israel. What was the name of the second king of Judah? 12:16, Abijah

25. After Abijah’s death, his son Asa became king of Judah. What mistake did Asa make in the final years of his life and reign? 16:1-3, paid Ben-Hadad of Aram to attack Baasha of Israel

26. Jehoshaphat, son of Asa, was a godly king who ruled Judah for 25 years, but what mistake did he make with his son Jehoram that harmed Judah for many years beyond his rule? 18:1, let him marry Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel.

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