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Bible Live Quiz Show, Sundays 9-10:30 pm

Updated: Jun 23

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WEEK 34:  Bible Live Quiz Questions             Ps. 94:12—95; Prov. 19—20:16;

Neh. 13:15-13:31, Esther, and 1 Cor. 1:1—12:26

Ps. 94:12—95

1. According to Ps. 94:12, how should you feel when God disciplines you, and why?  Happy, because it shows that you belong to Him

2. Ps. 95 begins with an invitation to participate in what happy and exciting activity?  Worship

3. Learning from Israel’s experiences in the wilderness wanderings, we are warned in 95:8 not to do what?  Harden our hearts to the Lord

4. What does it mean to harden one’s heart toward God?  95:9-11, “tried my patience”, “courted my wrath (judgment)”, “hearts turned away from me”, “refuse to obey” - a process, not all of a sudden

5. What does God promise to those who harden their hearts against Him?  95:11, never enter place of rest


Prov. 19—20:16

1. According to Prov. 19:2, zeal or enthusiasm must be guided by what?  Knowledge, truth

2. Prov. 19:11 says that to demonstrate good sense and earn the esteem of others, you should restrain your anger and overlook what?  Wrongs done to you

3. Prov. 19:16 says, “Keep the commandments and keep your life; despising them leads to” what? Death

4. You may ruin the lives of your children by withholding what?  19:18, discipline or training


Nehemiah 13:15—13:31

1. As part of the social reforms Nehemiah initiated, what activity did he prohibit on the Sabbath?  13:15-21, work and commerce at the city gates

2. Nehemiah observed that Jewish men were falling into the sin that brought judgment on Israel under King Solomon.  What was that sin?  13:26-27, marrying foreign women (who did not worship the Lord)


Esther 1:1—10:3

1. Who was the emperor of Persia that took Esther to be his wife and queen?  1:1, Xerxes (see 1:1 note)

2. What queen did Xerxes banish and why?  1:10-12, Vashti for not coming as ordered to his banquet

3. What special rule did the Persians have about their emperor’s decrees?  8:8, signed, sealed, never revoked

4. How did Esther become queen of Persia?  2:3, 15, beauty and advice of Hegai

5. Who was Mordecai?  2:5, Benjamite, older cousin of Esther, became a palace official after Esther won

6. How did Mordecai save Xerxe’s life?  2:21, overheard assassination plot, told Esther who reported it

7. I am an Agagite (Amalakite), 2nd in power in Babylon who came to hate the Jews.  Who am I?  3:1, Haman

8. Why did Haman hate Mordecai and the Jews so much?  3:2-5, Mordecai’s refusal to bow and racism

9. What did Haman win king Xerxes permission to do?  3:9, destroy all Jews and take their property

10. Anyone who went uninvited to the emperor’s inner court was killed unless the king did what?  4:11, held out his gold scepter to them

11. According to Mordecai, why was Esther made queen of the empire?  4:14, “for such a time as this”

12. Why was it important that Mordecai’s part in saving Xerxe’s life was written in the official court records?  6:1, one sleepless night, Xerxes had an attendant read him that very record, and it saved Mordecai

13. When Esther entered the King’s inner court uninvited, what did he do that saved her from the death penalty?  5:2, welcomed her by holding out his gold scepter to her

14. What did Esther request from the King (actually two times)?  5:4, 8, attend banquet with Haman

15. Who did Haman hate so much that he set up a 75-ft. gallows to execute him?  5:14, Mordecai

16. The night before his banquet with Esther, what made him decide to honor Mordecai?  6:1-2, sleepless, he read historical records, showing Mordecai had saved his life from assassination plot

17. Instead of executing Mordecai, how did Haman have to help honor him?  6:7-12, led Mordecai on king’s horse shouting, “This is what happens to those the king wishes to honor.”

18. After Esther exposed Haman’s plot to kill her and her people, the Jews, what happened to him?  7:10, he was hanged on the gallows he had built for Mordecai

19. What does the word “purim” mean, and what does the Jewish festival by that name commemorate?  9:23-28, means “lots” or “casting lots”, commemorates the saving of the Jews from Haman’s plot


1 Corinthians 1:1—12:26

1. Since there were divisions in the Corinthian church, whose name does Paul use ten times in the first 10 verses of his letter?  Jesus, to clarify who all teachers/preachers should emphasize

2. Why is the Gospel of Jesus considered foolish by a godless world?  Live by dying, get by giving, win by surrendering, reign by serving

3. How is it that we can know God’s thoughts?  2:12-16, Holy Spirit teaches us; we have mind of Christ

4. What building materials were used by Paul as an example of ministry done in the power of the flesh for self-serving reasons?  3:12, wood, hay, stubble

5. What materials were used by Paul to illustrate works of ministry done with the right motive by faith in Christ?  3:12, gold, silver, jewels (precious stones)

6. Paul called upon the church in Corinth to remove a church member from fellowship because he was openly and without repentance committing what terrible sin?  5:1, living with his father’s wife

7. What was to be the motive for casting the man out of the church fellowship (and for all church discipline)?  5:5, sinful nature destroyed and for his salvation

8. Where is God’s temple today?  1 Cor. 6:19, His people (our bodies)

9. Give two reasons why sexual temptation and sin was so prevalent in Corinth.  a) seaport, b) pagan temples with temple prostitutes (especially Aphrodite)

10. The Corinthian church members were arguing about what controversial food?  8:1, food offered to idols

11. What was Paul’s answer to the food controversy?  8:8-13, freedom, but don’t cause weak to stumble

12. In 1 Cor. 9, Paul establish that he has certain right, but then gives that right up.  What is it?  9:17-18, the right to be paid for his services (preaching, teaching, etc.)

13. What did Paul mean when he said that Israel, as they followed Moses was “baptized in the cloud and the sea”?  10:2, all united in the same experiences

14. What does the word baptize mean?  Immerse (fabric industry), unite, identify with, fused, made one (reminder: Paul in 1:14ff said he was glad he hadn’t baptized very many)

15. What does God promise us when we are tempted to sin?  10:13, not more than we can stand, way out

16. What is a spiritual gift, and to whom are spiritual gifts given?  12:7, special abilities to build up the church, given to every believer

17. Who is the giver of spiritual gifts?  12:1, the Holy Spirit


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